Music and lyrics and their connection to the feelings

Music and lyrics and their connection to the feelings

Now, let’s move away from the modern pop music and talk about songs that have meaning and words that we can understand. We aren’t saying that pop music is wrong, but the modern stuff people listen doesn’t move us, and we can’t get inspired by it. The lack of symphony in those songs may be one reason to it, but the lyrics that talk about random things are the guilty party. They have no deeper meaning, and they don’t make any sense, and thus you can’t feel them.

downloadMusic that delivers powerful melodies that accompany the singer and lyrics that have to mean are things that force us to think about them. We like some songs more than others because we can connect to the lyrics because we experience them in our way.

Lyrics that move us

Our favorite songs are those that have powerful messages that touch us. Whenever something happens, good or bad, you will find a song with which you can relate. Many of us (people) have playlists that refer to our state of mind. If we are happy, then we will play songs whose overall rhythm as well as lyrics gives us happiness. Whenever we are sad, we will play songs which are slow and whose lyrics are about tragic events, things or something alike. Same goes for another feeling, including anger.

1642cdba3490f636a23abb5794eb341dIf you ever tried to write lyrics, you probably wrote about how you feel and how you view the world around you. The context of those songs is irrelevant; it just needs to set the overall feel of the song in the way you want to present it. Metaphors are excellent for that, and we have all listened to songs that express the way we feel in the strangest of ways.

Life can be tough, and one can use music in a constructive way. Lyrics and music can become a tool that will help you express how you feel. Sad people can listen to songs that have sad lyrics; angry people can listen to something fast and aggressive and so on.

The bond between the feelings and lyrics

Wallowing in pity and listening songs with sad and dark lyrics is not the thing we encourage. We are just saying that you can express your feelings through words because it is hard to express them in other ways. Verbal expressions lack the power to express some emotions, while some lyrics hit right at the target.

The genre of the music that we can feel, deep down in us, doesn’t matter. Some people listen to heavy metal, some country and others listen to rap and other genres and they all bond with some songs. A melody of a song can move you, but well-written lyrics will sweep you away and send you to a journey you will enjoy.

They say that you can recognize your feelings from songs whose lyrics bring you to tears. Those tears can represent not just sadness, but happiness, pride, anger, and a whole array of other emotions.